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  • Re: This really is the Fuck You Google thread after all

    [quote user="taustin"]Given how eagerly Blakey likes to suck Microsoft's dick, it's hardly surprising he's up for Google's, too, is it? [/quote] Lacklustre troll. 4/10
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 12-23-2013
  • Re: PARADE!

    [quote user="Ben L."][quote user="El_Heffe"] [quote user="mikeTheLiar"][quote user="spamcourt"] Bump. [/quote] Really now? I can't believe this thread is still going.[/quote] [/quote] Is that man's penis an entire dead horse?[/quote] No, he took the penis...
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 12-17-2013
  • Re: Steam-powered Linux

    [quote user="ratchet freak"]smart is not a criteria to be a dev for a game that gets put on steam [/quote]
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 12-16-2013
  • Re: phpMyAdmin as a CMS

    [quote user="El_Heffe"] There is no "I" in "team". [/quote] There is no "u" either. Get out.
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 12-05-2013
  • Re: The buck stops here

    [quote user="boomzilla"][quote user="dhromed"]I love tulips![/quote] I'll bet I have more planted in my yard than you do in yours.[/quote] That's almost a given. I have 1 cactus. I should probably water it.
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 12-04-2013
  • Re: Google has a Clippy?

    [quote user="woodywood245"]On a secondary note: why the hell do I have to specify line breaks with HTML here? [/quote] Don't use Chrome.
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 11-27-2013
  • Re: PARADE!

    [quote user="TDWTF123"]Nonsense. That's only true if there are three doors. But as you've just said, Monty has no choice: there are only two relevant doors. In which case, there are only four possible outcomes, two of which result in you winning, and two in you losing.[/quote] lol I'm...
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 11-25-2013
  • Re: PARADE!

    [quote user="boomzilla"]So for a directly analogous experiment, you would use 3 cards. That's the minimum number needed.[/quote] Hell, you don't even need playing cards, actually. It'll take too long. Just do the following: - copypaste this bit 30 times: [_] [_] [_] (Each group...
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 11-25-2013
  • Re: How do we use a custom font on a webpage?

    [quote user="gu3st"]At this point, SIFR is stupid.[/quote] I agree with the house troll. Addendum: SIFR was pretty stupid back in the day as well, but it kinda sorta did the job.
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 11-25-2013
  • Re: More useless error messages

    [quote user="Lorne Kates"]WINDWALKER[/quote] *Wind Waker
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 11-21-2013
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