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  • Re: Why mathematicians are no fun at parties

    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 04-15-2014
  • Re: Mid-Senior Level C# ASP.NET Developer for PHP Drupal

    Idea: chastity belt that is also a fucking machine.
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 04-10-2014
  • Re: Damn forced upgrade to Win7!

    [quote user="aihtdikh"][quote user="too_many_usernames"] I'm not imagining the vertical lines; others in my office see them! Of course, they could be patronizing me...and I guess there's no empirical way to know for sure... [/quote] If only there was some way to capture some...
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 03-21-2014
  • Re: Is it time for a new Firefox thread yet?

    I think that Firefox simply has trouble with AMD video drivers . Or the other way around. This is also in Win8.0 with IE10, though.
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 03-19-2014
  • Re: Guys guys look who I found!

    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 03-11-2014
  • Re: Australia's National Broadband

    I would think that a large-scale infrastructure upgrade is always a good idea, whether it's roads or internet, but outright burning $29 for every $1 spent* on actually connecting a home seems like very, very subtle mismanagement? Where did that money actually go? I'm probably underestimating...
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 03-07-2014
  • Re: Fun will call-graphs. Not.

    We don't have a control group. What happens if you run the graph on "sane" code?
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 02-27-2014
  • Re: it is 64-bit

    [quote user="boomzilla"]What would you prefer to call it?[/quote] Intrinsic voter bonus? Rich dude gonna get the rich vote. Religious person gonna get the Christian vote. Woman gonna get the woman vote. Black dude with fairly socialist ideas gonna get the downtrodden, ignored black worker vote;...
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 02-05-2014
  • Re: Awful search suggestions

    [quote user="Lorne Kates"] [quote user="Snooder"] Does nobody learn the Dewey Decimal system any more? Just use the card file ya pussies. [/quote] Don't you know the Dewey Decimal SYSTEM? / [/quote] Oh, that reminds me of this .
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 02-05-2014
  • Re: Seagate hard drives have 120% failure rate

    [quote user="DaveK"]I keep some lying around in a text file on my desktop for when I want to use a phrase with a comma in it as a tag.[/quote] That character is right next to ಠ_ಠ in that text file isn't it.
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 01-24-2014
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