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  • Re: Goggle Translate

    [quote user="morbiuswilters"]Would me being less strident result in fewer people being jerks, or more?[/quote] Less people being jerks around you, I wager. And that's what matters most, I think. [quote user="morbiuswilters"]And it's not like this is a recent thing, this is...
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 05-15-2014
  • Re: PARADE!

    [quote user="boomzilla"]The rest of us have explained why three doors are relevant.[/quote] Yeah, but TDWTF believes the MHP text is a scam. I don't know why, yet.
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 11-25-2013
  • Re: "backslashes are the way forward"

    [quote user="Shoreline"]It looks like you have an anger problem and you're taking it out on this person.[/quote] You were fine until you went full-psychiatrist there.
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 10-17-2013
  • Re: "Agile" is a thing, right?

    [quote user="boomzilla"]Hang on. Aren't you the guy who said Jira was super slow for him?[/quote] Well, a quadriplegic is super slow without a wheelchair, so it makes sense!
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 07-16-2013
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