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  • Re: A pre-emptive "Fuck You" to Mozilla

    blakeyrat, of all people, thinks I sound like[quote user="blakeyrat"]an insane drunken homeless man on a street corner rambling[/quote]Thank you, Blakey, that's the best laugh I've had on TDWTF in a good while.[quote user="blakeyrat"]this is goddamned harmless[/quote]Maybe...
    Posted to Forum by HardwareGeek on 02-12-2014
  • Re: Changes at TDWTF: Goodbye Community Server

    [quote user="Remy Porter"]Perfectly possible in Discourse, though. That, to me, is one of the biggest issues with Markdown- too many different implementations with their own approaches to things.[/quote] Markdown is like the culmination of everything that's wrong with developers. Just when...
    Posted to Forum by blakeyrat on 02-07-2014
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