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  • Re: Do you work too much?

    [quote user="flabdablet"]What should be happening in this, the Age of Machines, is that we all get paid to work on weekends and remain free to pursue our own interests Monday through Friday. The fact that this is not how things are is an indictment on our organizational methods.[/quote] http...
    Posted to Forum by anondrifice on 06-08-2014
  • Re: I need help to blu ray my very frustrating situation ?

    [quote user="Zemm"]Better sound quality and possibility of surround sound.[/quote]Optical (and copper SPDIF) only allows for uncompressed stereo audio. If you want 5.1, it has to be compressed to AC3 or DTS.
    Posted to Forum by ender on 02-24-2014
  • Re: Please click on the link below to exceeding your quota.

    [quote user="Zemm"]Number portability between mobile phone companies yes, but not between landline and mobile, as that would completely fool with billing. Can you move house and keep your landline number? Around here it would depend where you move.[/quote]We got mobile number portability first...
    Posted to Forum by ender on 02-22-2014
  • Re: If you require further information...

    [quote user="dkf"](I'd accept “quarter before four”, or even “quarter 'fore four”; there are German immigrants to think of…)[/quote]If you want crazy ways to tell the time, Slovenian has (translated) "quarter on four", which means 3:15 and "three quarters on four"...
    Posted to Forum by ender on 02-21-2014
  • Re: Visual Profiler

    [quote user="dtech"]It's the same in the Netherlands, maybe it's an Europe thing? I thought it was always the case, but it's not in the USA?[/quote]It's a locale thing.
    Posted to Forum by ender on 01-22-2014
  • Re: style security

    [quote user="Ben L."].NET ignores commas and/or points in doubles it's parsing depending on what language the OS uses?[/quote]Not just .NET. I know that VB did it, and I'm pretty sure Delphi behaves the same.
    Posted to Forum by ender on 01-14-2014
  • Re: Is that even possible o_O

    [quote user="mikeTheLiar"]Is that true? I've never had an iPhone but that seems... oh, how to put this... really fucking stupid.[/quote]Windows 8 has the same "feature".
    Posted to Forum by ender on 01-10-2014
  • Re: Security fail

    [quote user="DaveK"]Actually, this is implemented in three different ways, since that's also basically what the CVV2 is.[/quote]CVV2 is just another number you give to the retailer - the passwords I described are never sent to them, but are instead checked by my bank, which just tells the...
    Posted to Forum by ender on 12-20-2013
  • Re: Security fail

    [quote user="Snooder"]You know, that's actually a pretty interesting solution to the problem and I wonder why nobody thought of it before. Just have the credit card company require a password to validate the transaction. The password wouldn't be saved by the vendor, so you don't...
    Posted to Forum by ender on 12-19-2013
  • Re: New design pattern: For loop on something you're not using that still does the work.

    [quote user="dhromed"]Any IPS or LED will have great colors. MVA I don't know.[/quote]I've got an S-IPS and S-PVA panels here, and I find the colours on S-PVA better than on S-IPS (not to mention blacks, which are grey on my IPS, at least compared to the screen next to it). Of course...
    Posted to Forum by ender on 12-17-2013
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