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  • Re: Nazis aren't good with data types

    [quote user="DaveK"][quote user="DaveK"] [quote user="blakeyrat"] [/quote] Heh. Hey Blakey, here's a question for you: What's the secret of good comedy? [/quote] Timing! [/quote] clap_2
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 01-06-2014
  • Re: Goddamit, Gmail

    [quote user="mott555"]On Gmail it seems they hide every single thing I actually need and I end up searching and digging.[/quote] I hardly ever use gmail and every time I have to reply (twice a year, maybe), I can't find the reply button because it's not on the toolbar. It's the...
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 08-26-2013
  • Re: SIM card exploit

    And Remake Rise of the fucking Triad?
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 08-06-2013
  • Re: The iPhone is doomed, and Spain as well

    [quote user="boomzilla"]Why is it that the Marxists never have a sense of humor?[/quote] He was responding to my joke with parallel sarcasm.
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 07-16-2013
  • Re: How old is your machine?

    [quote user="drurowin"]chicken magnet. [/quote] I don't even
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 07-08-2013
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