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  • Re: Quick, get the patent lawyers on the phone!

    [quote user="boomzilla"]I don't know how to fix this, and while being more accepting is good and will help them in many ways, it won't solve this. [/quote] Let's start with the acceptance and let things roll from there, shall we? [quote user="boomzilla"] There are many...
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 05-12-2014
  • Re: Google continues to ram G+ into everything

    What the fuck is a polar vortex, now that we're on the subject? Some kind of fluke weather phenomenon? It's been really warm in Yurop. Maybe one night of freezing. Might be related.
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 01-13-2014
  • Re: Interview question

    [quote user="PedanticCurmudgeon"]You're not as funny as you think you are.[/quote] It's never funny when you're the one using apple juice for oil.
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 03-15-2013
  • Re: How many WTFs per hour is that?

    [quote user="havokk"]Purify it with fire.[/quote] Someone's been playing Asura's Wrath!
    Posted to Forum by dhromed on 03-04-2013
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