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  • Re: Long Life bug : Do not use the letter 'j'

    [quote user="Snooder"] [quote user="joe.edwards"]July: join jolly Jack & jejune Joe's juice jamboree! Just jam juniper juleps.[/quote] This entire paragraph has no lowercase letters that come between 'i' and 'k' in the alphabet. It is actually fairly surprising how uncommon that letter is. Just goes ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by Mo6eB on 04-14-2014
  • Re: unstructured optimization

    Technically he's not exactly wrong. The first parameters are passed in registers and the rest on the stack. So you can do computations with the values in the registers already, while waiting for the stack values to be loaded from ram in registers. Also you cannot pass struct parameters to functions, which means you do need to pass by address. ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by Mo6eB on 04-03-2014
  • Re: How much redundant code one can produce in a lifetime (and why)?

     TRWTF is Ivan's code uses variables with normal english names without typos and his comments are also normal english without mistakes.  If this were on the first page, it would be full of random words in cyrillic Alex got off google translate.
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by Mo6eB on 03-17-2014
  • Re: Your AVG Protection.

    [quote user="Ben L."][quote user="Ben L."] [quote user="Ben L."] [quote user="boomzilla"][quote user="boomzilla"] [quote user="boomzilla"] [quote user="boomzilla"] [quote user="Buttembly Coder"][quote user="joe.edwards"][quote ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by Mo6eB on 02-26-2014
  • Re: Subclasses in python: nailed it

     The problem I see with the code is that it should compose the teardown calls in reverse order. Also, it should be written with metaclasses for bonus fun.
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by Mo6eB on 01-31-2014
  • Re: Google continues to ram G+ into everything

    [quote user="El_Heffe"]Have you ever? [/quote]  Do you take it? [NSFW]
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by Mo6eB on 01-12-2014
  • Re: Microsoft: Do as we say...

    [quote user="VinDuv"][quote user="dkf"][quote user="Lorne Kates"]TouchA&#771ⓒ, Microsoft. Very passive aggressive touchA&#771ⓒ.[/quote]FTFY[/quote]FTFTFYFY[/quote]   FTFTFYFTFYFY
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by Mo6eB on 12-19-2013
  • Re: Minor Fail: MS Word Grammar Check

    [quote user="da Doctah"] [quote user="Jedalyzer"] I was going through some of my old stuff from some time ago, and found this little confusing green squiggle. The first line is my original, the next two are variations that Word found acceptable. I can't figure out how Word thinks this sentence should be parsed. The ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by Mo6eB on 12-18-2013
  • Re: Steam-powered Linux

    [quote user="blakeyrat"][quote user="anonymous234"]From what I've heard, SteamOS is Debian with Steam installed,[/quote] According to Slashdot they had to make a bunch of patches to the audio subsystem, because it kept choking while trying to play game trailers. Which is fucking pathetic.[/quote]  Linux is finally ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by Mo6eB on 12-16-2013
  • Re: Working from home -- posting from my Xbox

    [quote user="anonymous234"][quote]"The Xbox One, priced at $499, is an affordable option for small business owners, as there are many features built into the console that could help it rival even the most modest of video conferencing and networking platforms."[/quote] You know what's even more affordable and useful than ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by Mo6eB on 12-10-2013
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