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  • Whose computer is it anyway - Just Jam IT

    During tests of the Fast Forward option I have discovered the need for another FEATURE...   When other jobs start up; the fast forward feature sometimes goes into stops and starts during playback.   Few others watch video My way. IE My computers run unprotected with no background virus app or other unexpected jobs hogging resources. So ...
    Posted to Funny Stuff (Forum) by SpectateSwamp on 04-07-2014
  • Not so fast.. 6 or 7 times is plenty

     20 times speed - just skips too much stuff.  For 'the cloud shoot' video 6 or 7 times speed increase is plenty. Set it to start at every 1/2 second mark and play for 1/12 second. Then "skip and play" again and again.   
    Posted to Funny Stuff (Forum) by SpectateSwamp on 04-01-2014
  • Fast Forward uncloaks slow moving artifacts

     In testing out the Fast forward option I viewed the cloaked object. It is much easier to see the artifacts in FF Dang I'm forgetful I implemented the FF option way back on 08Feb2012 (page 48). The latest version has minor enhancements.  I can now set the offset for the start. Ie if I skip 2 seconds and play .08 of a second I may ...
    Posted to Funny Stuff (Forum) by SpectateSwamp on 03-27-2014
  • Random FastForward - THE favorite feature

     When you have tons of video like I do then you'll realize how important the Fast FastForward is. Blast through those wedding videos! My next screen reshoot video will show off this feature. Not sure what the subject will be? Quick replay of a farmyard goats day. Cloud formations and shadows cast on local mountains. Aliens. So many ...
    Posted to Funny Stuff (Forum) by SpectateSwamp on 03-12-2014
  • Video Surveill 22X7 with Spectate Swamp

    That's what I'm gonna do; during the next nice day or two. The Spirit Ridge SkyLine will be the focus. Video everything that moves day and night. Shoot 6 or 8 hours in the late day / early evening Shoot 6 or 8 more in the early morning hours What's the prospect of finding something unusual on this "first Surveill"?  ...
    Posted to Funny Stuff (Forum) by SpectateSwamp on 03-01-2014
  • Time Lapse Video - another super option

    [quote user="Medezark"] Why not just use an IR or motion sensitive trigger on the camera?    [/quote]  My goal is to find game trails by digiscoping hillsides from a distance with a infra red spotting scope. Then set up a motion sensitive camera on the site. The Fast Forward / time lapse  option will be great ...
    Posted to Funny Stuff (Forum) by SpectateSwamp on 02-26-2014
  • Fast forward for even more knowledge

     You know by now that I don't like LARGE video files. Well that has changed. My plan is to get some night vision video. Maybe 8 or 10 hours long. Then I'll code up the playback to start at 3 seconds and play for 1/10 then at 6 seconds play for another 1/10 over and over in the control file. In a fraction of the time I can see the ...
    Posted to Funny Stuff (Forum) by SpectateSwamp on 02-18-2014
  • Prohibitionists are Dumber than Me

      Sorry for ignoring my favorite thread. I have been busy commenting on Marijuana threads. The more I read about those Prohibitionists the madder I get. I just got to dance the stones again. I have no choice. Features: ======== -tip the stone back and touch the ...
    Posted to Funny Stuff (Forum) by SpectateSwamp on 01-28-2014
  • Why the People won this war!

    [quote user="Medezark"]  Waiting for Clue(s).  Specifically greater knowledge on all of the variations I'm hearing about (Charlotte's Web?  Kush?  Purple Spider Monkey?? WTF???). [/quote] The Stoners fought with their hearts, cash and freedom for the Greatest plant on this Planet. THC has been called the ...
    Posted to Funny Stuff (Forum) by SpectateSwamp on 01-22-2014
  • Spreading my Marijuana knowledge

    Sorry for ignoring my good friends here. I have been busy chatting about the Colorado Marijuana stuff. Later today I will get you all clued in on Marijuana. I am very clued in on this topic.
    Posted to Funny Stuff (Forum) by SpectateSwamp on 01-10-2014
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