The Daily WTF: Curious Perversions in Information Technology


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  • Re: PHP Case WTF

    This code is worse in every way than a simple if/elsif/else block.  But far easier to understand than a series of nested ternary operators (?:), which is about what I'd expect to encounter. Given the typical expertise level of PHP hackers, and the inability of even experienced coders in other languages to use it correctly, I'm glad ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by Rootbeer on 02-22-2013
  • Re: Quota Exceeded

    [quote user="bjolling"]Depending on the classification of the document, it either goes into our own TFS (project related), Sharepoint site (Team related), Network Share (software) or the official company document repository (in case the information is needed by other teams as input for their work, signed documents,...)[/quote]  I ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by Rootbeer on 02-13-2013
  • Re: Best place to store business critical documents? Try Outlook deleted items!

    I'm straining to figure out why anyone would use Outlook as a mail client unless it's an Exchange server, and why anyone would use Exchange as a mail server without a retention policy that automatically purges old messages based on requirements imposed by the Legal department...  
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by Rootbeer on 01-11-2013
  • Re: Windows 8 Video Blakeyrant

    [quote user="zelmak"] Apple-W to close an app's window. Apple-Q to quit the app completely. [/quote]  Both of which are right next to Apple-A, which is "select all", and there's no way anybody's finger will slip when using the one of those shortcuts that's non-destructive.  
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by Rootbeer on 12-21-2012
  • Re: Yet another "at least it has a password" WTF

    Using a Java applet for site navigation menus was actually semi-common back in the Paleolithic days of the web.  I started one job at a major media company just as they were phasing theirs out in favor of a new and fangled "DHTML" solution.
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by Rootbeer on 12-21-2012
  • Re: No, you can't link to your company website! Bad developers!

    Set up a 'configuration web service' on your company's server that returns a different response depending on whether the request comes from a certain 'Class A' network block. Call the web service from your app.  Use the response to determine whether to display a link to the company site in-app or not.  
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by Rootbeer on 10-19-2012
  • Re: I ARE ANGERED (YouTube and their coddling of fraudulent copyright trolls)

    [quote user="MiffTheFox"]We could absolve the national debt if we introduced a fine for false copyright takedowns.[/quote]  17 USC § 506(c):   "Fraudulent Copyright Notice. Any person who, with fraudulent intent, places on any article a notice of copyright or words of the same purport that such person ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by Rootbeer on 08-17-2012
  • Re: Lost

    [quote user="TGV"]You mean there are people whose goal is not to bring a consistently ugly UI on all platforms? [/quote]  Well, there's the HTML/CSS/Javascript evangelists. Their goal is to bring an INconsistently ugly UI to all platforms.  
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by Rootbeer on 07-18-2012
  • Re: building security

    So they won't let an infant into the building at Spacely Sprockets because it's a security risk, but there's no problem if the child's mother wants to take a work laptop off-premises so she and her new friend Mr. Cogswell can have a meeting where they look at a bunch of interesting secure information together...  
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by Rootbeer on 07-18-2012
  • Re: It's like there really are infinite monkeys and they have produced every possible variation

    For a value of 1, only one bit is set and the rest are all unset. For a value of -1, in two's-complement at least, ALL THE BITS are set. Therefore -1 is much trueier than1 is.
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by Rootbeer on 07-09-2012
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