The Daily WTF: Curious Perversions in Information Technology


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  • Re: Important Data

    [quote user="KattMan"]yes yes, we are still alive here.[/quote] And to judge by the fact that today's Error'd uses /Comments/ rather than what.thedailywtf I wonder whether Alex et al. are losing the will to push it.
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by pjt33 on 09-12-2014
  • Re: The ice-bucket challenge!

    And whatever you do, don't ask a friend who flies a crop-dusting aircraft to drop a tonne and a half of water on you for the Ice Bucket Challenge. (I'm not sure whether that's been officially confirmed yet, but it was the initial hypothesis behind a recent event in Cataluña which led to the guy on the ground being hospitalised).
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by pjt33 on 08-28-2014
  • Re: Security Through Insanity

    [quote user="PJH"]About 99% of the people with active accounts have moved over to the new forums - you may want to join up and repost there...[/quote] I wondered why it was so quiet.
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by pjt33 on 07-03-2014
  • Re: Blobs, BlobServers and URLs (and Santander)

    [quote user="dkf"]Hmm, blobheadervalue1=inline%3Bfilename%3DPDF-BANK0479.pdf and blobheadername1=Content-Disposition would appear to be an interesting combination. What could possibly go wrong?[/quote] Forget that, what about blobkey=id&blobcol=urldata&blobwhere=1314012714572? Unless the BlobServer checks columns types, a bit of ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by pjt33 on 06-16-2014
  • Re: CSOD: return and throw

    [quote user="RaceProUK"]It should do, though in VS warnings are normally only shown once after a code change/full rebuild.[/quote] Rebuilding the entire solution doesn't get me a warning for the unreachable throw statements. And it's not because the warning has been disabled, because I do see one for some unreachable code ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by pjt33 on 05-20-2014
  • CSOD: return and throw

    I've anonymised the name of the type and the parameters, but the rest (including the misspelling of retrieve) is unchanged. public static Foo RetriveFromBarAndBaz(string bar, string baz) { try { Foo foo = PersistentClass.RetrieveUnique("Bar= :bar AND Baz= :baz", new QueryParameter("bar", bar), new ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by pjt33 on 05-19-2014
  • Re: Adventures of Sharky! - Cheaper is not always better or cheaper.

    [quote user="LoremIpsumDolorSitAmet"]Talking of crazy standards, let's not forget that in the financial industry in England, b (billion) used to be, and is still in a few cases, interpreted as a million million, not a thousand million. Go go global confusion! [/quote] You've got that back to front. In most of Europe and Latin ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by pjt33 on 05-19-2014
  • Re: EU court ruling WTF

    [quote user="El_Heffe"]The so called "right to be forgotten" is really an attempt to restrict access to information that has always been public[/quote] That depends. As far as I'm aware, it's not a formally defined term, so there could be some people using it to refer to the right of a data subject to request that a ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by pjt33 on 05-15-2014
  • Re: EU court ruling WTF

    The short version is that yes, court records are open, but that doesn't mean that anyone can do anything they want with them. (I think that the U.S. has the same concept in e.g. the way it regulates credit agencies: isn't there a limit to how long they can take into account a bankruptcy?) The core principle here is that every company ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by pjt33 on 05-15-2014
  • Re: EU court ruling WTF

    You can argue that the law is silly if you want, but the ruling is just saying that Google has to follow the same laws as everyone else, and that's not silly.
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by pjt33 on 05-15-2014
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