The Daily WTF: Curious Perversions in Information Technology


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  • Re: A shortcut for resetting member variables, except not.

    [quote user="PJH"]Using memset() to 'zero' floats... is not well-defined.[/quote] Really? Is this a platform specific thing? IEEE floats represent 0 as all 0 bits, don't they? When is memsetting it to 0 not OK? (Or do you mean in the case of non-IEEE compliant floats?)
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by dcardani on 11-16-2012
  • Re: Apple AppStore and "Security Questions"

    [quote user="ais523"]Yes, this makes sense. Recently I was making a legitimate purchase on my debit card, but it was much larger than normal, and from a foreign company I'd never dealt with at all, and I also accidentally typoed when entering the codes on the back the first time. My bank got suspicious (and I'd have been upset if ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by dcardani on 10-10-2012
  • Re: This is the worst site

    [quote user="Ben L."][/quote] For a second, I thought that was http://clbut.tic/.
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by dcardani on 09-12-2012
  • Re: Milwaukee PC

    [quote user="Lorne Kates"] [quote]The Computer and Technology Show, hosted by Milwaukee PC, is a live computer information and phone call-in show that airs every Saturday morning from 10:06AM - 11AM exclusively on WISN 1130 AM.[/quote] I dare you to listen. I fucking dare you.[/quote] WTF? I went to the mostly empty page you ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by dcardani on 08-21-2012
  • Re: Because they sent us their resumes

    Didn't someone recently write a book about how companies have backed themselves into a corner when it comes to hiring? They construct keyword searches that weed out anybody that hasn't written down the exact thing they're looking for (worded the same way) on their resume. Then they refuse to hire anyone who doesn't already have all ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by dcardani on 07-20-2012
  • Re: My fancy GUI is just too complicated

    OK, I'll pile on, too. (Overall, I think you have the right idea, I just think your execution needs a little work - sorry if what I write below sounds harsh.) I have to ask - are these regular users who usually run it supposed to understand anything the app displays? Because as a very technical person, I don't understand anything it ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by dcardani on 07-06-2012
  • Re: Always look at the bright side

    [quote user="arh"][quote user="mott555"][quote user="El_Heffe"] [quote user="arh"]Mac OSX doesn't have home=beginning of line and end=end of line, and instead prefers cmd+left or cmd+right, which coincidentally happens to be the same as go back/forward in Firefox [/quote] That's a bigger WTF ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by dcardani on 05-16-2012
  • Re: New student loan site

    [quote user="Sutherlands"][quote user="jverd"]I loathe sites that use your email address as your login. People's email addresses can change, and that just gets ugly. Does your login now change?[/quote]Sure, why not?[/quote] Because sometimes email addresses get recycled. I once got an email address that was [moderately ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by dcardani on 12-15-2011
  • Re: Reading = making changes

    [quote user="UrzaMTG"][quote user="tdb"] [/quote] Wait wait wait, why does this error message not make sense to you? In particular, why are you assuming that "the computer" as mentioned in the error message is the local machine? [/quote] Because of the phrase "make changes to this file." He wasn't ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by dcardani on 11-14-2011
  • Re: Wow, this is a textbook awful UI

    I think there's some sort of hierarchy to movements. Sort of like Lazlo's hierarchy of needs. At the bottom level is people screaming at their TVs. Above that is organized protests that nobody seems to understand. Above that is putting together an incomprehensible web page that actually tries to raise awareness of the problem. Obviously, ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by dcardani on 11-10-2011
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