The Daily WTF: Curious Perversions in Information Technology


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  • Re: Of payment gateways and quality assurance

    [quote user="Bulb"] No. A MITM can intercept the message to payment operator, throw it to /dev/null and send a response pretending the payment was processed. And the system orders shipping the product because it believes the money were charged, but they were not. Sure, it requires a MITM or DNS poisoning, but still, unnecessary ...
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  • Re: Excel clears the undo stack?

    [quote user="savar"]I wanted to make a cells bold when its neighbors are different from itself. I think i first tried something like "=if(A1 != B1, 1, 0)"...then I realized "!=" doesn't exist, so I tried "=if(not A1=B1, 1, 0)". Turns out the correct answer is ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by justanotheradmin on 02-26-2013
  • Re: Emergency Fix

    [quote user="Rick"][quote user="snoofle"] I told him (in corporate-speak) to FO. [/quote]  I am not good with spoken languages, and google translate doesn't seem to know that one. [/quote] "That's the kind of change that needs to be authorised. Leave it with me" Skip forward to the Boss, Boss+1 and ...
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  • Re: Feedback

    We have a few forms which use a variation on this. For example, on our Workstation Ergonomics questionnaire, to questions such as "Is your monitor at a comfortable viewing height" it will allow you to answer No, but you cannot then submit the form. Instead, you are told "Please discuss any unsatisfactory answers with your ...
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  • Re: Time's up! (or how I got screwed for buying Paint Shop Pro)

    [quote user="ender"]they finally told me to buy install media for X4, since that apparently doesn't require activation. [/quote] The correct response here is "I already bought your product. If I need a different version for it to work, then you need to arrange for that to happen at no cost to me. Don't worry, I'll ...
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  • Re: Paid by the pound

    [quote user="Sutherlands"]Because we all know that a mail carrier would never look at someone's mail, and that it is impossible to open someone else's mailbox.[/quote] The important difference is, before computers, that was the only way, and hence its inherent lack of security was acceptable. Now, in the age of computers and ...
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  • Re: Java degree desirable

    At my interview for this job, I was asked why I didn't have a degree. I said that in IT, I felt that the parts of a degree relevant to an entry level job would be outdated by the time I finished the degree, and for non-entry level work, I had the experience to back up my abilities. The hiring manager then told me they had one guy in the IT ...
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  • Re: Social Engineering

    [quote user="lethalronin27"] That depends on what exactly he wanted to test. If he wanted to test the users' ability to identify and ignore social engineering attacks IF one gets through the spam filters and whatever else they have in place, then yes the OP should have been told about it (assuming he wasn't being tested on it ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by justanotheradmin on 10-18-2012
  • Social Engineering

    A conversation I just had with our head of IT Security: Him: Theres a company trying to email us, and theyre not getting through Me: OK, lets take a look. Who are they? Him: Me: Oh, yes. They sent a load of phishing mails to us earlier today. Theyre blocked on the mail filters, the link they sent is ...
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