The Daily WTF: Curious Perversions in Information Technology


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  • Re: NSFW icon

    I was expecting a dude with a boner or something. What sort of work do you do where a stick figure sticking up its arms is NSFW?
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by toon on 06-05-2014
  • Re: One-to-many WTF

    [quote user="morbiuswilters"][quote user="joe.edwards"][quote user="Lorne Kates"][quote user="realmerlyn"][quote user="morbiuswilters"]You're looking at this the wrong way: this is an agile, scalable, NoSQL data store. This guy invented NoSQL before NoSQL was cool.[/quote] More like ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by toon on 05-07-2014
  • Re: One-to-many WTF

    INB4: I had considered the possibility that a Multimedia record might be reused among different MultimediaCollections. But no. Among thousands of Collections, not a single Multimedia belongs to more than one Collection. Also, the code makes sure this doesn't happen. It really is as I just described it: a reverse foreign key.
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by toon on 05-06-2014
  • One-to-many WTF

    So we have an application that has entities. These entities are similar, but there are different types. I can't really go into what entities without giving away what industry I'm working in. But most of them have multimedia of some kind, they can be pictures or audio or video or whatever. The WTF I will be describing has to do with the ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by toon on 05-06-2014
  • Re: unstructured optimization

    [quote user="ubersoldat"]OK, I've had my "performance first" phase as a programmer, but many years have passed and I've learned that maintainable code is always the best strategy. You can always win a few nanoseconds somewhere else or with more hardware.[/quote] I'd tend to agree. Usually applications these days ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by toon on 04-04-2014
  • Re: Thank you so much, I feel better now

    [quote user="no laughing matter"][quote user="Lorne Kates"] Goggle Trendslatte. [/quote] Trendlatte? Is that the german word for "hipster erection"?[/quote] IANAG but I think that means "trending slut".
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by toon on 03-28-2014
  • Re: Talkback radio advertising

    [quote user="Lorne Kates"] *cough*[/quote] Whenever I see the name New Relic, I'm reminded of that contest. Did they ever post the results to that contest?
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by toon on 03-25-2014
  • Re: [post-title-7]

    [quote user="sumydesigns"]I upgraded the forms on my site to the more feature rich Gravity Forms, and thought I had caught all instances of the old forms when I completed it, but clearly, I missed one.[/quote] [quote user="Your About Page"] Amy is our resident code monkey and technical expert. HTML, CSS, CMS, PHP and more, ...
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by toon on 03-25-2014
  • Re: Scalability irony

    [quote user="boomzilla"][quote user="Snooder"]It's like the Atkins diet guy dying of a heart attack.[/quote] Which didn't happen. [quote user="Snooder"]Or the president of ADT having his house burgled.[/quote] Did this happen?[/quote] A CEO of Segway died accidentally driving his Segway off a cliff.
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by toon on 03-12-2014
  • Re: Please click on the link below to exceeding your quota.

    [quote user="Zecc"][quote user="toon"]MSN number[/quote]Mobile... Something... Number? [/quote] [quote user="Gurth"]Im guessing Multiple Subscriber Number.[/quote] What he said ^^^
    Posted to "Side Bar" WTF (Forum) by toon on 02-21-2014
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